We have made an incredible brand ‘Al Mudhish’ that rings with the Nation’s spirit of excellence.

For me, Oman Foodstuff Factory & Group of Companies supplies food to my beloved country and is a lifelong passion and I am proud to push the boundaries to make this entity a jewel in the country’s history.

Our ambition is to rise to a strong MENA brand by 2020 with presence across all countries in the region. We are confident to reach this milestone as we are innovators. In fact we have grown beyond just a snacks manufacturer to a food company with multiple product portfolios. We will continue to add more products and expand to new markets every year.

We have diversified in line with the ever growing demands of the consumer. We are on our way to become a regional brand and by 2020 we will be present in all GCC countries. We will also increase our visibility in more African countries. Our consistent innovations and investments have been made carefully to help us boost our ambition to become a regional leader within the time frames we have set for ourselves.

Surendra Dhirajlal