Oman Sales & Marketing

Oman Foodstuff Factory LLC, Opposite Dolphin Village,
Bawshar street, Bawshar

Oman Foodstuff factory LLC is directly handling sales and marketing of entire range of products in the Sultanate of Oman. In Addition to handling the marketing of the products also keeps a control over the quality of the products. Delivering the products right on the time and in a good condition is our top most priority.

Main Distributor

Muscat Depot - Manar

Manar Food Industries LLC

Rusayl Industrial Estate,

Road No:22, Rusayl,


Sultanate of Oman

Musannah Depot - OFF

Opp. Makkah Hyper Market,

Near to Pepsi old Depot,

Al Tarif,

Al Musannah,

Sultanate of Oman

Musannah Depot - Manar

Al Muladdah,

Near Oman Oil Petrol Pump,

Al Batinah South PC - 1412,

Area Code - 014, Musannah,

Sultanate of Oman

Sohar Depot - OFF

Opp. Bull Fight Ground,

Near Football Stadium,

Nehruj, Hambar Street,


Sultanate of Oman

Sohar Depot - Manar

Behind Al Hakmani Cold Store,

Sirhat / Qusaf Road,


Sultanate of Oman

Nizwa Depot- OFF / Manar

Next to Ramniklal B kothary &

Co. Store,

Karsha Industrial Area,


Sultanate of Oman

Ibri Depot –OFF / Manar

B/H Al Bader Building Materials,

Ibri Souk Road, Ibri,

Sultanate of Oman

Jalan Depot – OFF

Behind Al Wafi Bookshop,


Jalan Bani Bu Ali,

Sultanate of Oman

Jalan Depot – Manar

Opp. Mansoor Sport Club,

Near Al Zaiza Shopping,

Al Wafi,


Sultanate of Oman

Ibra Depot – OFF

Seih Al Afiah ,

Safalat Ibra,

Near Water Tanker Filling Station, Ibra,

Sultanate of Oman

Ibra Depot – Manar

Ibra Industrial area,

Near Wadinaam Street,


Sultanate of Oman

Salalah Depot – OFF /Manar

Oman Foodstuff Factory LLC

Tomato Paste Division,

Raysut Industrial State,

PO Box 2188, P C 211, Salalah,

Sultanate of Oman